About The Kriscia Fund, Inc.

How It Started

The Kriscia Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 entity established to help women fight for the preservation of their family. The fallout from betrayal is all-encompassing. The Kriscia Fund, Inc. (TKF) assists women fighting to preserve their families—and their identities—in the wake of separation and divorce. 

The motivation to start this fund came to me on January 13, 2020. It was day one of my divorce trial. My childhood friend, high school sweetheart, and husband of nearly 25 years, left our family and moved in with a pharmacy tech he met at work. Although this was a divorce he wanted, he refused to provide me with sufficient funds to obtain legal counsel, experts, and investigative services. All vital to ensure that I would be awarded everything I deserved.

As I sat feet away from him in circuit court, I had an epiphany. I can not be the only woman this is happening to. I listened as the attorneys rattled off the amounts of legal and investigative fees that were still outstanding. I saw that my husband had two lawyers and I had only one. Hiring that one had been difficult. I still feel the financial effects of it today. I considered our unusually high family income and thought of my sisters of lesser means. How can they do it? How can they fight when the financial odds are stacked so high against women whose husbands are the sole or primary breadwinner? 

My lawyer was extremely capable, but I still felt my husband had all the control in this process. He did not share the family resources that were rightfully mine so that I could properly defend myself against his divorce. We built our family together, but he was forcefully taking it apart alone and sticking me with the bill.

That very night I registered The Krsicia Fund as a non-profit in the state of Maryland and applied for IRS designation as a 501c(3) entity. On that day, I committed myself to helping women to fight! Fight to restore their families or fight to preserve their right to an appropriate award of whatever they feel entitled to. We don't just plan to stop with the financial support. We recognize the emotional toll betrayal and divorce takes on families. We are committed to providing women with spiritual and emotional support. We want to do all we can to give them the tools to emerge from this painful period stronger and more stable than ever.

A long road is ahead. This organization will effectuate impactful changes. My prayer is that it makes a difference in the courtroom for the families we serve. My prayer is that no other wife and children have to experience the pain of getting 'Kriscia'd'. That's how my daughter and I explain the impact we feel- #IGotKrisciad. I'm fighting to do my part to make sure no other woman has to say that.

On this website, you'll find the battle plan I and the fund's board of directors are following. This page will have an official launch soon. In the meantime, subscribe to be notified of all the new details. Contact me if you would like more information about our mission and how to partner with The Kriscia Fund, Inc.

-Doretea Burton

Learn More

To learn more about the founder of the fund, Doretea Burton, and her story, follow the link below.

Fight Plan


Round 1: Incorporate and Register as a Charitable Organization

The first step of the battle is to formally organize as a non profit coproationin the state of Maryland.  Register with the Secretary of State, and finally make an application with the Internal Revenue Service to be recognized as a 502c3 entity.  We are pleased to report this has been done.

Round 2: Recruit a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors

Establish a Board of Directors that represents the best minds.  Minds committed to the vision that inspired the establishment of the fund. This task has been competed.  We have seven board members of diverse backgrounds and skill sets. All, however, are united under one purpose; fighting to preserve the family.  

Round 3: Develop a Business Plan

Starting off with a clear vision and plan to accomplish that vision is critical.  The Board is taking steps to craft a clear and thorough plan of action to govern the fund in its infancy stages.  That solid foundation we are building is critical to longevity and effectiveness.

Round 4: Establish a Fundraising Committee & Develop a Fundraising Plan

As a part of that business plan, our fundraising committee must be recruited and charged with developing a plan to raise money to fund our ambitious and worthy goal.

Round 5: Establish a Public Relations Committee and Brand Strategy

In this difficult climate, getting the word out and establishing our brand to be synonymous with professionalism, compassion, and knowledge is key.  We will need a brand strategy and an outstanding and committed public relations team.

Round 6: Identify Partners and Solidify Services Offered

Partner organizations are critical.  Partners are the lawyers, investigators, accountants, counselors, and career advisors needed by women facing unwanted separation and divorce.  We need to identify the very best and solidity the services the fund will offer through those professionals.

Round 7: Launch Day

That's when the excitement happens!  Launch day. We will announce to the world, exactly how and what we will be doing to make a difference.  

Round 8: Develop Criteria for Services and Develop an Application Process

Our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors will work tirelessly during all  of the previous steps to establish the criteria for beneficiaries to receive services and to develop a comprehensive yet easily accessed application for services.

Round 9: Establish a Programming Schedule

There's lots of work to be done.  Workshops for beneficiaries, fundraising, promotions.  Our goal is to plan these activities well in advance.  Planning in advance will provide for more visibility and therefore more participation and success.

Round 10: Develop Community Partners

There is no need to reinvent the wheel in every area.  We want to be diligent about identifying other organizations in the community that have been doing similar work.  Identifying them and creating partnerships with them as appropriate will make a huge difference to the depth of services we can offer.

Round 11: Begin Accepting Beneficiary Applications

Everything will be in place and we will be, at this point, ready to receive applications for help from potential beneficiaries.

Round 12: Fight

Self explanatory.  Fight.  Fight.  Fight.  


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